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Dive in to front end web development and get a grasp on the thought process involved in building a seamless user experience.


Learn how to write clean, concise and secure API code that manages simple to complex enterprise business logic.


Learn how to create, read, update and delete data from your APIs or “serverless” applications. Explore new types of storage options and how they benefit specific use cases.

Project Management

It’s almost like a factory production line – there’s prep work, there’s setup, there’s the actual work, there’s safety measures. If you want to build a successful product, you need working knowledge of how to manage your processes.

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Back End Developer Path

Take a deeper dive with more frequent 1:1 sessions, twice a week. You will learn how to become a proficient back end developer, prepared to build any API. Learn how HTTP requests deliver the majority of today’s electronic messages and how you can serve & store data in a secure manner.


Front End Developer Path

Take a deeper dive with more frequent 1:1 sessions, twice a week. You will learn how to become a proficient front end developer, prepared to build any user interface. Learn how HTML, Javascript and CSS are manipulated in the today’s modern industry to build user-facing web applications.


Front End Development for Beginners

New to it all? This is a good starting point. HTML, CSS, & JS are the primary languages through which most if not all websites communicate.

Meet Our Team

Mike Estrada

Mike Estrada


Mike is a Senior Software Engineer for a Fortune 500 Company & an Oracle Certified Java Programmer. He has worked on numerous internal & external facing full stack applications.

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A Few Happy Customers

Chris Davila

Chris Davila

Web Developer | Multicam, Inc.

"Thanks to Mike’s mentorship and guidance, I was able to accomplish my goal of becoming a full-time web developer. He helped me understand the fundamentals of web development much easier than other online resources I previously used. I would highly recommend his services for anyone that is looking to make a splash in the frightening world of software development."

Vanessa Villarreal

Vanessa Villarreal

Product Specialist for Endpoint Systems Management | Quest Software, Inc.

"I always considered coding as a career future, but having Mike as a coach/mentor I can now actually see it in my future. I feel I have a much better understanding of how programming languages work. And mike encourages men and women who support and encourage each other no matter the knowledge level they begin with.”

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel

Senior Software Engineer | The Home Depot

"Mike is a great engineer to work with. He is always open to listening to different ideas on how to solve problems which makes bouncing ideas with him effortlessly. Great to work with and a great team member."

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